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Barataria Preserve

Life size, painted resin biologically accurate sculptures of a Purple Gallinule, Great Blue Heron, White-tail Deer, White Ibis, Mississippi Kite, Nutria, Armadillo, Barred Owl, a full size cypress tree trunk and seven maps of the Louisiana Delta System for installation at Barataria Preserve Visitor Center, Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve, New Orleans, Louisiana 2007.

Heron3 Installation1 Deer1 Deer2
Ibis1 Ibis2 Kite1 Kite2 Kite3
Nutria1 Nutria2 Armadillo1 Armadillo2
Owl1 Owl2 Owl3 Owl4 Owl5 Installation2
Installation3 map1 map2 map3

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Photo credit - Danielle Dean Palmer and SCE