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The Diver

9' x 8' x 17'


A 17' tall sculpture depicting what appears to be three California Brown Pelicans (Pelicanus occidentalis californicus) but is in fact one individual at three different points in time and space. The Pelican is gracefully swooping into its characteristic dive after a school of anchovy (Engraulis mordax). At 17’ tall the life-size pelican(s) will be constructed from a combination of materials including Italian marble, limestone, and basalt creating an abstraction of the bird and its coloration. Slump formed glass will accent the negative space and the transitions between the bird(s). These materials are structurally held in suspension with a network of elegant lines and fasteners made of both fabricated stainless steel and bronze. This grand gesture is incorporated into a stone plinth carved as a column of the Pacific with the roll of the waters surface. Beneath the surface level, a school of anchovies darts in evasion. The anchovies again will be a network of abstracted fish and water forms, yet with a kinetic component. Constructed of wind activated polished stainless steel plates suspended from a patinated fabricated bronze framework and accented with slumped dichroic glass, the anchovies will bounce shimmering light as their sides shift in the sunlight.

© 2009 Matthew Gray Palmer Fine Arts

Photo credit - Danielle Dean Palmer